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Canvas Prints (Giclée)
The word “giclée” (pronounced “zhee-clay”) is a French term meaning “to spray ink.”  This process results in a higher resolution than traditional lithography printing and a wider color range than a serigraph.  A large-bed scanner is used to capture the original image and our artists oversee all work to ensure the best representation of each original painting. Using a 12 color printer, an ink jet (smaller than a human hair) sprays a micro-fine mist of ink in a smooth, continuously-toned print onto Fine Art paper or canvas.  This application occurs at the rate of 4 million 1.5 micron droplets (smaller than a red blood cell) per second, one line at a time.  We use giclée inkjet printing to make reproductions of our original two-dimensional artwork. Per print, our professionally-produced giclée prints are much more expensive than the four-color offset lithography process traditionally used for such reproductions. Giclée printing has the added advantage of allowing us total control of the production of our images, including the colors and the substrates on which they are printed.  You will notice our giclée prints are difficult to distinguish from the original work of art, thus giving our customers the “look and feel” of original art “without the extra zeros added to the price”!!!!

Please contact us if you would like more information.

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Item Number: 8204

Color: dark/burnished gold Moulding Type: polystyrene Width: 4 1/4" Rabbet Depth: 7/16"

Item Number: 8245

Color: espresso/chocolate Moulding Type: polystyrene Width: 3 1/2" Rabbet Depth: 1/2"

Item Number: 8259

Color: black/ebony Moulding Type: polystyrene Width: 3" Rabbet Depth: "

Item Number: 1023

Color: black/ebony Moulding Type: polystyrene Width: 3" Rabbet Depth: "

Item Number: 1031

Item Number: 6007

Item Number: 8255

Item Number: 8256

Item Number: 8258

Item Number: 8264

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Ground shipping within the continental United States is via United States Postal Service or Fed Ex. The actual shipping time is 3-7 days on average. Most orders will be shipped within 7-10 days, but please allow a maximum of 4 weeks for delivery. We produce/create/manufacture all of our art products and sometimes this causes a longer delivery time during peak seasons. We will make every effort to make sure you receive your order to meet special deadlines if needed. If you need priority shipment or delivery for your order, please contact us, or call our gallery at 806-587-0417 to expedite your order.

NOTE: We do not currently ship online orders outside the continental 48 states . Please contact us if you wish to ship outside the continental 48 states.

Address Info:  Fed Ex does not ship to P.O. boxes, and they prefer the new updated street name and number instead of the older rural route address.

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