Jake Marshall

Jake Marshall is the 3rd generation artist in the Wyatt family of artists and began his art career in 2007. He is the grandson of artist, Kenneth Wyatt and artist, Veda Wyatt and the son of artist, Jill Wyatt–Marshall.

Jake’s art is grounded in his unique and rare, life-long exposure to the art world. He attended his first art show at 3 months old, and has been immersed in the world of art ever since! Jake was raised in and around the Wyatt galleries-studios his entire life and has learned every aspect of the family business from sweeping floors to building frames to pouring bronze!

Jake’s experience living in such a unique lifestyle full of artists, art galleries, travel, cowboys, and working ranches has inspired him to paint and sculpt “cowboy art”. Currently, Jake works with acrylics and bronze sculpture, his work is highly sought after and is a valuable asset to any art collector.

Jake lives in Plainview, Texas with his wife, Elyse, where they own and operate the NEW Kenneth Wyatt Galleries.

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