Kenneth Wyatt

“It’s strictly a gift from God,” was Internationally-known artist, Dr. Kenneth Wyatt’s own explanation for his talent with brush and paint. “Some people hear music in their souls and, in inspiration, they write it down. As for me, I see paintings in my soul, and I just push the paint around until it looks like what I see inside.”

Kenneth Wyatt pushed paint for over 50 years and produced over 8,000 pieces of art in his astonishing career. His ability to paint a diversity of subjects was (and still is) truly unmatched; the various types of mediums and styles he mastered will always be impressive; the number of people he reached through his heart-touching, beautiful art is never-ending.

Kenneth Wyatt’s paintings are for everyone, as evidenced by his collectors: farmers, queens, bankers, cowboys, Presidents, movie stars, clergy, and teachers (just to name a few)…the fanbase runs mighty deep! His religious art hangs in churches of ALL denominations and in more than ninety countries.

Kenneth and his love, Veda, lived in Tulia, Texas until God called them Home (Veda-age 85 and Kenneth-age 90). The Wyatts owned Galleries in Red River, NM, Ruidoso, NM, Amarillo, TX, and in their Tulia home.

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